Saturday, January 6, 2007

new view

I like Christmas. I always have. As a child, I anticipated presents - the getting and receiving. I was dazzled by the lights, the music, the excitement. Now, as a young mom, Christmas takes on a whole new dimension. What I receive or give is second rate. I am beginning to grasp the weighty responsibility of teaching my children the importance of the season.
As a child, I blindly accepted traditions and happenings as the norm. Rare was the occasion where I stopped to think of a deeper meaning to what I celebrated. But now, NOW, I look at life through the eyes of my 2 year old and for a moment, a brief, glimmering moment I can see something amazing. I see dimly, the love God must experience for His children. He loves us so immensely that He gave His Son up for us. I look at my sons and cannot imagine sacrificing them. But, that is exactly what He did! For us! When will I fully comprehend this love? Not until eternity.

la, la, la

My sisters and I surprised dad and mom with a new cd of music for Christmas. We had a great time coming up with new harmonies and different elements of the music. It had been 10 years since we had done any permanent recording. Our voices have definitely changed and matured over the years!